Paragliding on Madeira island.

Have you ever wondered what is like to fly? To feel free as a bird and light as a feather? Then, Paragliding on Madeira island is the perfect choice for you!

Madeira is certainly well known for its wonderful ocean filled with wildlife and for its undoubted evergreen nature. However, for a few moments, join us in this Paragliding adventure that takes about 15 – 20minutes. Go up in the sky and discover our beautiful island from the skies! The views from ‘up there’ are breathtaking and will surely give you long-lasting memories.

Pretty much anyone can try it (with some weight restrictions: Min 40kg & Max 85kg (max limit can be higher if the wind conditions are suitable)). Be prepared for some adrenaline-like feelings.

We do not recommend planning this activity for your last day of holidays. It is extremely conditioned by weather factors, there’s a chance of it being postponed to a different date.

Tandem Paragliding Experience

"Enjoy the skies, but once in a lifetime look at Earth like birds ..." The
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