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Sunset Tour Catamaran – Funchal

We are in Funchal and we look at the twilight line. Do you know what we see? Absolutely nothing. There are no buildings or towers or bridges. Just nature, an endless ocean, the constant line that balances days and nights and the 3 Desertas Islands down there, further to the left. Enjoy the unique setting with warm colours reflected in the calm sea of the Madeiran coastline accompanied by the peaceful sounds of the ocean, aboard one of our catamarans.

Embark with us on a dream ride in a wave of romanticism where, in addition to a strong possibility of observing whales and dolphins, and if the sea conditions allow it, there is the chance to go for a swim in the warm waters of Madeira. It is in this memorable scenery, unique every day, that we sail on a 3-hour catamaran trip so that you can intensely experience a show of colour that is reflected in the peaceful sea of our coast.



3 hrs


Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday


These trips are made in 3 spacious catamarans. One with capacity for 216 people, one for 98 & another for 70.
Minimum of 12 participants required.




Jacket or warm clothes, swimwear, towel & sunscreen.


Comfortable catamaran, with certified crew on board.
Guarantee (if there are no sightings a second trip is offered for free).
Swimming & Snorkeling.
Transfer to the Marina. Your ticket is valid before the tour on the Yellow Bus bus stops no 14 – 22 along Estrada Monumental (main hotel area Funchal)


Drop-off after the Tour


Cancellations must be done with at least 24h notice of the tour.
Cancellations done inside the 24h mark are only eligible for a total/partial refund when the trips are cancelled due to bad weather conditions or under proved health problems.
The offer of the free 2nd trip is personal and not transferable and has a lifetime guarantee.
From June to September 15, the 2nd trip (guarantee) is subject to availability.
Minimum passengers applied.
The client is responsible for his own belongings.
ⓘ Check-in obligatory 30 minutes before the departure time.

Whale & Dolphin Watching Madeira Island Tour

For more information or request a booking for this tour get in touch with one of our team members or fill out the contact form below.


Frank Lenders
+ : (+351) 910 338 739
Languages: ENG, DE, NL
Nicole Slijpen

Languages: ENG, DE, NL



For a better cetacean observation, we please ask there to be silence on approach, and when viewing these animals. There will also be a reduction in the speed of the boat and the radio will be switched off. Our sightings are in compliance with the Regional Legislative Decree 15/2013/MA that defines and regulates the observation of Marine Vertebrates in the Autonomous Region of Madeira.
Do not throw any form of food to the Cetaceans, birds or Turtles. They are wild animals and are used to searching for their own food. These actions may be prejudicial and encourage them to lose the ability to hunt for food.
Please separate your garbage, using the containers provided. Our company is committed to trying to reduce the amount of rubbish produced and to recycling whenever possible.
Whenever conditions are favorable, and there is time and it is safe, we hoist the sails with the objective of offering a unique experience without engine noise and, at the same time, reducing the carbon dioxide emissions.
Conserve your health and don´t run risks (respect the digestion period after meals, respect the crew’s safety information, use sun cream and a hat, and after a few hours of exposure to the sun, go into the water slowly to allow your body to aclimatise).
Be always watchful with your children. For your peace of mind, we supply life-vests for both adults and children which may be worn during the whole trip or whenever there is a stop for swimming.
Save water when using the toilets and warn us if you detect any leaks, because, contrary to toilets in our homes which have channeled water systems, water on board is limited, and becomes a prescious commodity when we are a few miles from land. Please do not throw paper or any other object into the toilet. This may cause the system to become obstructed affecting the funcionality of the facilities.
Sunset Madeira Island Tour
Sunset Madeira Island Tour
Whale & Dolphin Watching Funchal Madeira Island Tours
Sunset Madeira Island Tour
Sunset Madeira Island Tour
Whale & Dolphin Watching Funchal Madeira Island Tours
Sunset Madeira Island Tour
Sunset Madeira Island Tour

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